Containers Fidenza uses approximately 400 vehicles fitted with satellite tracking systems, a number of which are also fitted with anti-theft systems connected to the operations centre 24 hours a day.

Its fleet also includes 700 semi-trailers for national and international container transportation, vehicles for traditional transportation, for the transportation of ADR dangerous materials, refrigerated containers and CER (in accordance with the Ronchi decree regarding the handling of refuse), as well as dumper trucks.

In addition to the headquarters in Piacenza, Containers Fidenza has operational offices in the ports of Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Venice, Trieste and in the freight terminals in Padua, Milan and Rubiera.

In each city there is a logistics manager directly responsible for the handling of client relations. During transportation, every client has the possibility of establishing a remote connection at any time via the website in order to see the position of their vehicle, with particular attention paid to the transportation of valuable merchandise.

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